How To Clean Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips:

  • Clean your wood floors with a homemade wood cleaning solution by mixing 1/2 cup of white vinegar in 1 gallon of warm water. Use the cleaning solution on a damp mop after squeezing the solution out of it. Apply the solution to the mop directly, but avoid using the solution on the floor itself because it is easy to apply too much solution on accident. Divide the floor into sections, then use clean each section at a time. Use an old towel to dry the floor to prevent the liquid from sitting on the floor for too long. Standing from mopping, spills, and pet accidents can cause damage to unprotected wood floors.
  • Most of the damage done to wood floors is caused by grit. This type of damage can be prevented through a few precautionary measures, including the use of door mats, and frequent dust mopping. Vacuuming is also recommended, but only with the use of a brush attachment. Improper vacuuming of wood floors can actually cause more damage than not cleaning them at all.

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